Shima-Kuwa (Premium Island Mulberry)

Shima-Kuwa (Premium Island Mulberry)


A scarce set of Go bowls is made from Shima-Kuwa (Premium Island Mulberry), a type of wood produced in Mikura-Jima, a volcanic island in Japan. By preserving specific wood grain cuts and through unique craftsmanship, its elegance brings out amazingly.


Regularly priced at about ¥200,000, this is a slightly smaller size, so we offer it at a better price.

  • Size of stones

    XL  Size of 30~35

  • Include

    Quality Certification Included

  • Note

    Each Go Bowl has a different wood grain and shape, so if you would like to see the product photos with more details, please leave a message via "Contact Us," and we will contact you further.

The price is expressed in Japanese Yen.