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Hyuga Hon-Kaya  Masame Go Board with Legs

Hyuga Hon-Kaya Masame Go Board with Legs

SKU: KA0018

This board was for the third match of Hon-Inbou held on 9th June in 1975 at Hiroshima prefecture.


this word(天心)is the title holder's favorite word. It means heart as wide as the sky.

②第三十期本因坊戦 第3局対局記念→

30th Match of Hon-Inbou, 3rd round match commemoration.
※Description: Match of Hon-inbou is grand master of the game of Go. It  has 7 matches in total.


Jun 9 and 10, 1975
於 広島県福山市沼隈町常石 進藤会館

Shindo hall in tsuneishi, Numakuma Town, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture.

名人 本因坊秀芳(石田芳夫)→ Master Hon-Inbou Shuho (Yoshio Ishida) ※ He is the titleholder.


Eio Sakata. ※He is a challenger.


Utaro Hashimoto.

※He is a scrutineer .(The chief of Go association "Kansai Kiin")

  • W x D x T(cm)Legs excluded


  • Include

    Paulownia Board Cover,

    Board Cloth,

    and Tatami Mat

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