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Keyaki (Zelkova) - Refurblished

Keyaki (Zelkova) - Refurblished

SKU: rke

Keyaki (Zelkova) is a prized wood material for Go bowls with its refined wood grain and solid hardness that provides excellent utility and durability.


This product is a repaired product that has been repaired and disinfected in line with our company's SDGs philosophy. Some of them may not be as shiny as new ones, but they are as good as the best wooden go-chests, and since they are completely dried, it will not happen that the lid and bowl will not fit.  

  • Note: Product images may slightly vary from the actual product.

  • Size of Stones

    XXL  Size of 36~40

    XL  Size of 30~36

The price is expressed in Japanese Yen.
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