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【SET004】Go stone and Go bowl (Sakura(Cherry tree)) Set

【SET004】Go stone and Go bowl (Sakura(Cherry tree)) Set


It is a set product of Go Stones and Go Bowls.

The price is 25% off the regular price.


< Clamshell Go Stones > (Regular price ¥37,000)

・Moon Grade, Size 31

・White Stones:180 pcs, Thickness >8.4mm

・Black Stones:181 pcs, Thickness >8.7mm

・Include Quality Certification


< Go Bowls Size XL > (Regular price ¥13,000)

・Sakura(Cherry tree)

・Size XL

・Size of Stones:XL Size of 30~36

 These Go bowls have a gentle shade and glossy surface.

  • Product content

    ・Traditional Handcraft Mexican Clamshell,

    Moon Grade, Size 31,

    Nachiguro Slate Black Stones included


    ・Go Bowls (Cherry tree)

  • Include

    Spare Go stones (black & white, two of each),

    and Quality Certification(Stones, Bowls)

¥50,000 Regular Price
¥37,500Sale Price
The price is expressed in Japanese Yen.
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