【SET072】Hyuga Hon-Kaya, Itame (Flat Grain), Three-piece Table Go Board,  (Blossom Grade, Size 37, Keyaki Go Bowls)

【SET072】Hyuga Hon-Kaya, Itame (Flat Grain), Three-piece Table Go Board, (Blossom Grade, Size 37, Keyaki Go Bowls)


This product set includes a Hyuga Hon-kaya three-piece table Go board, Hyuga's traditional handcraft Go stones in Blossom Grade of Size 37, thick and solid pieces! Moreover, Go bowls are made of Keyaki (Zelkova), a typical type of Japanese wood. An extremely valuable Go set!


<Hyuga Hon-kaya, Itame (Flat Grain),Three-piece Table Go Board> (Original price: ¥40,000)

W x D x T(cm): 42.5×45.5×6.2

This Masame table Go board is made from three pieces of wood of the same Hyuga Hon-kaya tree log.

Using the traditional line-making technique "Tachimori," the master precisely drew the lines where the wood is spliced, so that the surface does not look much different from a one-piece Masame Go board.


<Go Stones, Made from Mexican Clamshells> (Original price: ¥44,000)

・Blossom Grade, Size 37

・White Stones:180 pcs, Thickness >10.4mm

・Black Stones:181 pcs, Thickness >10.7mm

・Include Quality Certification

The stripe patterns in Blossom grade are white, refined, and elegant.

Include spare Go stones (black & white, two of each) and quality certification.


<Go Bowls> (Original price: ¥16,000)

・Keyaki (Zelkova)

・Size XXL

・Size of Stones: XXL, Size of 36~40

Keyaki (Zelkova) is a prized wood material for Go bowls. Its refined wood grain and solid hardness provide excellent utility and durability.

  • Product content

    ・Hyuga Hon-Kaya, Masame (Straight Grain), Three-piece Table Go Board

    ・Clamshell Go Stones (Made from Mexican Clamshells), Blossom Grade, Size 37, Nachiguro Slate Black Stones included

    ・Go Bowls [Keyaki (Zelkova)]

  • Include

    Spare Go stones (black & white, two of each),

    Tatami Mat,

    and Quality Certification

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