【SET077】Hyuga Clamshell Go Stones, Snow Grade Set (Size 31, Rosewood Bowls)

【SET077】Hyuga Clamshell Go Stones, Snow Grade Set (Size 31, Rosewood Bowls)


It is a set product of Go Stones and Go Bowls.

We will offer it at a reasonable price of 58,000 yen.


<Go Stones, Made from Mexican Clamshells>

・Snow Grade, Size 31

・White Stones:180 pcs, Thickness >8.4mm

・Black Stones:181 pcs, Thickness >8.7mm

・Include Quality Certification

Snow Grade Go stones are pure white, with countless striped patterns peculiar to clamshells. They are graceful and authentic.

Include spare Go stones (black & white, two of each) and quality certification.


< Go Bowls >


Rosewood is one of rare hardwood from the tropical regions, and its logs are also difficult to acquire under an embargo on exports.

 Since this product has been stored for about 10 years after production, its luster may be slightly inferior to other go bowls.

  • Product content

    ・Clamshell Go Stones (Made from Mexican Clamshells), Snow Grade, Size 31, Nachiguro Slate Black Stones included


    ・Rosewood Go Bowls

  • Include

    Spare Go stones (black & white, two of each),

    Quality Certification(Stones)

¥98,000 Regular Price
¥58,000Sale Price
The price is expressed in Japanese Yen.