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【SET179】Go stones and Go bowls Set [Size37, Keyaki (Zelkova)]

【SET179】Go stones and Go bowls Set [Size37, Keyaki (Zelkova)]


This set includes (Size 37) clamshell Go stones and Go bowls made of Keyaki (Zelkova), the representative wood of Japanese wood, offering a special price.

<Go Stones, Made from Mexican Clamshells Moon Grade, Size 37> (Original price: ¥65,000)

・White Stones:180 pcs, Thickness >10.4mm

・Black Stones:181 pcs, Thickness >10.7mm

Moon grade Go stones are pure white and high-quality, compared to the snow grade, has wider space between each stripe.

Include spare Go stones(black & white, two of each) and quality certification.

<Go Bowls Keyaki (Zelkova) Size XXL> (Original price: ¥18,000)

・Size of Stones: XXL, Size of 36~40

Keyaki (Zelkova) is a prized wood material for Go bowls with its refined wood grain and solid hardness that provides excellent utility and durability. Since these set has been stored for about 10 years, it may be slightly less lustrous than the others. However, there are no apparent defects, and still gorgeous.

<Paulownia Go bowl Box> (Original price: ¥8,000)

  • Product content

    ・Traditional Handcraft Mexican Clamshell, Moon Grade, Size 37, Nachiguro Slate Black Stones included

    ・Go Bowls (Keyaki (Zelkova))

    ・Paulownia Go bowl box

  • Include

    ・Spare Go stones (black & white, two of each)

    ・Go Stones Quality certification.


¥91,000 Regular Price
¥49,800Sale Price
The price is expressed in Japanese Yen.
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