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The World's Only
Legendary Hyuga Clamshell Go Stones

The traditional craftsmen made Go stones from Suwabute clamshells, a unique species of clam can be only collected on Okuragahama Beach in Hyuga City of Miyazaki prefecture. After growing up over the years, Hyuga clamshells feature its exceptional thickness and refined striped pattern, and its high density also performs better in stain resistance. 

However, Suwabute clamshells were depleted about 30 years ago and can no longer be found alongshore in Hyuga, which is the reason why they are also called "The Dreamlike Go Stones."

Direct Sales for Two Different Types of Go Stones

High quality at Reasonable Prices

Hyuga's Traditional Handcraft Go Stones (Made from Mexican Clamshells)

As Suwabute clamshells have been depleted since 50 years ago, most of the Go Stones on the market today are made from Mexican clamshells.

By leveraging the long-established handcraft in Hyuga City, the Go stones made from clamshells are designated as the traditional craft of Miyazaki prefecture.

"The Dreamlike Go Stones"
Made from Hyuga Suwabute Clamshells
(Include spare Go stones for the respective color, two of each.)
Certified Traditional Crafts of Miyazaki
(Made from Mexican Clamshells)
Include spare Go stones for the respective color, two of each.
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