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Shopping Guide

* Please note that the translation of the English version of the shopping guide is provided for your convenience only and that you accept the original legal agreement. Please check the original from here.


■How to Order
1. Online shopping cart from our website 
2. Email
Please provide your address, name, product name you want to purchase, and your preferred payment method in the e-mail.
Mail to:
3. Fax      FAX:+81-982-66-1503


1. Credit card
Stripe( this payment of credit cards on this site. Accepted credit cards are VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club
 We do not accept installment payments.
3. Paypal 
Paypal account:"
4. Bank Transfer
"Miyazaki Bank(Swift code:MIYAJPJT), Hyuga Branch(Branch code 600)
Account name: HYUGA GO BOARD & STONE Co., Ltd.
Account number: 239011"


Please, note that you will be charged a transfer fee.

1. Domestic: Japan Post Co., Ltd.
The shipping is at a flat rate of \1,000. Complimentary shipping on all orders over \20,000
2. International shipping: EMS

Customers can check the shipping fee in the shopping cart.

Delivery may not be possible depends on the country or region. Please contact us if you are in a country where shipping details are not available.


For the domestic shipment, you can specify the delivery date desired, 4 days or later from the ordering date.

Please kindly understand that all the orders received after 1 pm on Friday through Sunday will be handled on Monday. Items will usually be shipped within 3 business days. If the shipment is delayed due to various circumstances, we will inform you accordingly.


It may take some time to ship during New Year's Holiday, Golden Week, and Summer Holiday Season. The shipping schedule will be notified accordingly.


Since we are required to indicate the product price on the shipping slip, please kindly understand that the gift price is noticed to the recipient.


If your shipping address is not in Japan, you may need to pay customs charges in addition to the Order Amount. While we provide no advice on what these charges may be, to help you understand the possible custom charges that you may incur, you may wish to contact the customs office of the destination country.

■Customers who do not receive the email after placing an order.
If you do not receive the automatic reply email from us after placing an order, it may be in the spam folder or it may be blocked. Please kindly check your spam folder or spam block settings. 

If you didn't receive a reply, please contact us immediately via the Contact Form or the E-mail address below:

■If your order is not accepted (overseas shipping only)
Depending on the destination country, shipping may not be possible due to weight and size restrictions. In that case, we will contact you by email.


■Returns and Exchanges
1. In the unfortunate event that you react to a product, please email to in advance of your intentions to return a product. In all cases, original proof of purchase must be provided within 9 days of your receiving for us to process a return. 
2. After confirming customers email, we will inform you of the return destination by e-mail, please return the product there.
3. Please enclose the invoice sent with the product.
4. When returning a product, be sure to return it in the package (bag, box, wrapping) that contained the product when you received it.
5. The customer is responsible for the shipping costs incurred when sending the items back to us.
6. The shipping charge will be payable if we confirm the defect.
7. If you return the product without following the return procedure, we will send you back the product. If the product is returned to us again, such as by refusing to receive the product upon return, you shall be deemed to have waived ownership of the product at that time. In such a case, we will dispose of the product one month later.


1. When paying by bank transfer
We will refund by bank transfer. We will contact you within five business days after the return process completed.
 We will not provide information after the transfer completed. Please kindly check your account yourself.
The transfer fee will be responsible for the customer.
2. When paying by credit card
We will send refund data to your credit card company. Depending on the cutoff date of billings of your credit card company, it may offset within the same month, but if you cross the month, you may be charged once. In that case, please be assured that the refund processed to your credit card will always be done after the next month.


■Service disruption, stop and change of contents
In the following cases, we will temporarily suspend, change, add, delete some or all of the services without prior notice and consent to the customer.
1. When urgent maintenance is required due to system troubles.
2. When the services of telephone companies and telecom providers are not provided.
3. When we cannot provide service because of any act of God, fire, natural disaster, accident or any other cause.
4. When the services cannot be provided due to man-made disasters (war, riot, mayhem, labor disputes, and others)
5. If we deem it necessary
We will not be liable to the customer in the event of any of the situations listed above that cause disadvantage or damage to the customer. 


This is also the same applies if the customer receives a disadvantage or damages when an e-mail from us is not received due to the customer's Internet / mobile terminal usage. 


■Attribution of copyright
We retain all rights, including the information and designs posted on this site and intellectual property rights, and any of the customers have not rights for these copyrights and intellectual property rights.


■Customer's responsibility
We shall not be liable for any damages incurred by using the Service. If the customer causes problems to a third party by using the services we provided, the customer shall resolve the damage at his / her responsibility and expense and shall not damage us. If you damage us by improper or unjust means, you will be liable for damages to us.


■Delete customer registrations
If you fall into any of the following items, we may suspend your use of the service or delete your registration without your prior consent.
1. When the ID/password is unauthorized use
2. If there is a false matter in the application for membership
3. If the information on this site has been altered, misused, or intentionally obstructed
4. When we determine that the customer qualification is inappropriate and needs to be deleted
5. If it has been determined that the customer has been deregistered due to a violation of these Terms in the past.
6. When there is a delay in the performance of payment obligations such as fees related to the Service.
7. If seizure, provisional seizure, provisional disposal, compulsory execution, or bankruptcy has filed, or the customer files for bankruptcy or civil rehabilitation.



November 30, 2019, Established 

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