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Kurogaki(black persimmon) [Honinbo type]

Kurogaki(black persimmon) [Honinbo type]


Kurogaki(Black persimmon) is a rare old persimmon tree with a beautiful pattern of black and white.

The inside of a normal persimmon tree is white, but in rare cases, a black heather like that drawn with ink may be included.

Kurogaki is a very rare wood because it is extremely rare for such a black pattern to appear and it is difficult to find it.

The Kurogaki Go bowls is highly regarded among the go bowls because of its beauty and rarity.

Each go bowl has a different color patterns, and you can enjoy various patterns depending on the viewing angle.

There is the auther's brand”西川崇” on the back.

  • Size of stones

    XXL  Size of 36~40

  • Include

    Quality Certification

  • Note

    Each Go Bowl has a different wood grain and shape, so if you would like to see the product photos with more details, please leave a message via "Contact Us," and we will contact you further.

The price is expressed in Japanese Yen.
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