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【KM0013】Kyushu Hon-Kaya, Masame (Straight Grain), Go Board with Legs

【KM0013】Kyushu Hon-Kaya, Masame (Straight Grain), Go Board with Legs

SKU: KM0013

​This is a Masterpiece by Kenichi Kumasu, a Contemporary Master Craftsman. The overall color of the board is beautifully harmonious, and the elasticity of the wood for receiving the stones produces a satisfying UCHIAJI, the feel, and sound of placing a stone firmly on the board.

  • W x D x T(Cm)Legs excluded


  • Include

    Paulownia Board Cover,

    Board Cloth,

    Tatami Mat,

    and Quality Certification

  • Others

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The price is expressed in Japanese Yen.
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