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【SET049】日向特産蛤碁石・碁笥セット(雪印32号、黒檀 特大)

【SET049】日向特産蛤碁石・碁笥セット(雪印32号、黒檀 特大)


< Clamshell Go Stones > Regular Price¥280,000)
・Snow Grade, Size 32
・White Stones:180 pcs, Thickness >8.8mm
・Black Stones:181 pcs, Thickness >9.2mm
・Include Quality Certification
After years of growth, Hyuga clamshells feature its exceptional thickness, and refined striped pattern compare to the other shells. However, Suwabute clamshell is extinct due to depletion, which makes the existing Hyuga Clamshell Go Stones extremely rare and valuable. And that is why they are also called The Dreamlike Go stones.

< Go Bowls Size XL > (Regular Price¥50,000)
・ Kokutan -Ebony- Go Bowls
・Size XL
・Size of Stones:XL Size of 30~36
Kokutan is one of rare hardwood from the tropical regions, and its logs are also difficult to acquire under an embargo on exports.


< Paulownia Go bowl box Size XL >(Regular Price¥8,000)

  • Product content

    ・Hyuga Suwabute Clamshell, Snow Grade, Size 32, Nachiguro Slate Black Stones included

    ・Kokutan (Ebony) Go Bowls XL

    ・Paulownia Go bowl box

  • Include

    Quality Certification(Stones, Bowls)

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¥326,000 Regular Price
¥244,500Sale Price
The price is expressed in Japanese Yen.
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